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Client | Myself + My Now Husband :)

Project | Wedding Stationery Designer

Wedding planning has to be by far one of the most under-rated task to complete in life (at least for me...I was definitely under a rock). Most of my family and friends assumed I would design and create the stationery for one of the most important events in my life. Though, I initially had the mindset of sitting this one project out; "I want someone more experienced in stationery design to take over, let my mind rest and not worry about this detail."


Tuh! Who was I fooling? No one knows the inside of my brain like I do. I had a vision. The other appointed designers just didn't see the vision, which led me to designing the entire stationery and signage suite for our wedding. To be honest, it brought me so much joy. And even more joy to see the proud look on my husband's face at my creations. I learned SO much throughout this design process and will forever cherish this opportunity. 

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